Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes, its time for Playoffs in the NFL

30 Dec

Its time for the NFL Playoffs. After 17 weeks of regular season play, the top teams are  ready to battle it out for a chance to hold the Lombardi Trophy. Week 17 was a great week for football. Teams played for playoff spots and positions while Peterson played to break the record for most rushing yards.

*The Giants, Bears, Vikings, Redskins, Cowboys and Seahawks all battled for a spot in the playoffs. The AFC playoff picture was already set with the rankings being the last thing to be decided. Peterson came up 9 yards short of breaking the all time single season record for rushing yards. At the end of the day, the teams that made the post season are the following:

In Order

AFC – Broncos, Patriots, Texans, Ravens, Colts and Bengals

NFC – Falcons, 49ers, Packers, Redskins, Seahawks and Vikings

I’m not sure about what has happened in the past nor will I take time to research it but what I do know is that this year, three rookies led their team to the playoffs. Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson all made it to the post season in year one of their careers. This looks great for the future of the NFL. Let me rephrase that, 4 rookie qb’s led their team to the post season. Kaepernik being the other rookie.  However the future of the NFL will have to compete against the top qb’s in the NFL for the past years, Manning, Brady and Rodgers.

I will now give you my post season predictions. At the beginning of the season I predicted that the Packers would beat the Texans in the Super Bowl. That has changed.

The AFC will look like this:  Texans def. Bengals, Ravens def. Colts, Broncos def. Ravens, Patriots def. Texans, Brady def. Manning again

The NFC will look like this: Packers def. Vikings, Redskins def. Seahawks, Packers def. 49ers, Falcons def. Redskins, Rodgers def. Ryan again

The Packers will then beat the Patriots in a shootout. I originally predicted the Packers to beat the Texans in the Super Bowl, but I havent seen Brady play this well in several years.

*(The views and ideas expressed in the article below do not reflect those of, it’s affiliates, or any other authors. These are the opinions and views of one author and one author only)


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