Daft Punk Unveils Trailer at Coachella

13 Apr

Daft Punk are possibly the coolest DJs on Earth… Last night the French duo had a trailer for their forthcoming album, Random Access Memories, play during Coachella. “R.A.M.” may not be out until May 21 (via Columbia Records) but now we’ve got more news on it to fuel the excitement for its release. The trailer gave us an extended look at “Get Lucky,” which we previously only got 15-second snippets by way of SNL commercials, featuring Nile Rodgers providing that disco-tinged guitar and Pharrell on vocals; smooth and cool as a mothaf*cka.

As the visuals of Daft Punk and their guest features’ performance of a verse of “Get Lucky” turns into a silhouette, that then fades to the second part of the trailer in which the album’s guest appearances are listed with artists including Panda Bear of Animal Collective, The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, Paul Williams, Giorgio Moroder, and Todd Edwards.



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