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Speakeasy With Jake Johnson (Nick on ‘New Girl’)

22 Apr

New Girl has been a success thanks to Zooey Deschanel’s “Jess” character, Max Greenfield’s “Schmitty,” and of course Jake Johnson’s “Nick Miller.” For the new edition of Made Man’s Speakeasy series, Paul F. Tompkins sits down with Jake Johnson, in which our fellow Chicagoan opens up about his new movie Drinking Buddies, auditioning for New Girl, and having fun on the job.

Much like Alison Brie did in the last video of the series, Jake also took on the task of imitating popular internet memes. He did Grumpy Cat, Strutting Leo, and Trollface. Check that one out below. Continue reading


Video: “The Simpsons” Writers Reunion on Serious Jibber-Jabber w/ Conan O’Brien

18 Apr

Conan O’Brien has finally published this gem… Conan invited Simpsons writers Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jay Kogen and Jeff Martin for his latest edition of his series Serious Jibber-Jabber. This was a mini reunion since Conan himself was a writer in the early days of the legendary animated show, and they talked about the early days of the show, their approach to writing for it, their favorite characters to write for, and tell great stories about some of the celebrity guests (Bob Hope, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson) that appeared on The Simpsons back then.

This may not get too many views and few will sit through the entire 80-minute video (I did) but this is up simply because it’s awesome. For fans of The Simpsons, the world of comedy, and the process and history behind legendary works in entertainment, this is gold.

FakeShoreDrive Feature: Getting to Know Vita-Morte and dope.boy.magic

17 Apr

FakeShoreDrive did a dope little interview with the geniuses behind Vita-Morte and dope.boy.magic. Check it out above.

“Interview by Leland Bonner (LelandBfresh). Shot and edited by FrameLab Films.”

“For the third installment of our Getting To Know series, we caught up with the brains behind two of Chicago’s favorite brands: Vita-Morte & dope.boy.magic. You’ve likely spotted Terrell Jones and Joe Freshgoods around the city at various events, but you probably didn’t know that they’re behind some of your most cherished apparel in your closet. From weekly events like Feed The Homies and Project Fun, these two know how to keep the good times rollin’ and keep us fresh at the same damn time (yes, a pun was intended).

In this interview, we get acquainted with both Terrell and Joe. They touch on everything from how they met, how both brands got started, and a few other topics. Tune in above.”


Speakeasy with Alison Brie

15 Apr

Remember how I said earlier that we love Alison Brie? Well here’s more reasons to continue doing so… The Mad Men and Community star sat down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about playing those two very different characters in each of the shows, whether she relates Trudy or Annie the most, how she was still pretty cool in h.s. despite playing Dungeons and Dragons, being a fan of watching her own work, and her short run at acting in Soap Operas. See the full interview above.

Below you’ll find more examples to why Alison Brie is just plain awesome. Continue reading

Speakeasy with Rob Delaney

8 Apr

The latest edition of Speakeasy shows host Paul F. Tompkins sit with comedian Rob Delaney. Within the interview, the comedians discuss Delaney’s Twitter presence, his knack for memorizing Cosby’s standup bits, the car accident that changed his life, and the curious case of how he caught Hepatitis A.

The full interview is shown above, hit the jump to see them play “Internet Games.” Continue reading

Nardwuar vs. Pusha T

3 Apr

Narwuar is releasing more and more of the interviews he conducted down in Austin when SXSW was taking place. For this one, the Human Serviette interviews Pusha T in which we learn about Pusha’s use of bulletproof vests for performances in his earlier days, beating out Jay-Z for beats, the Hip Hop scene of the 90’s and many other things. Check it out above.

Nardwuar vs Fred Armisen

28 Mar

Nardwuar caught up with SNL and Portlandia’s very own Fred Armisen for an interview while at the SXSW Music and Film Festival.  Fred talks about his love for punk rock, his band Trench Mouth, his time spent in Chicago and much more. Check out the interview up above.

Video: Speakeasy with Russell Peters

19 Mar

On the latest installment of Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins, Russell Peters talks with PFT about hanging with the King of Jordan, how boxing compares to stand-up, and his experience on Source Code.

See Paul F. Tompkins play some drinking games with Russell Peters after the jump. Continue reading

Video: Speakeasy with Nick Kroll

26 Feb

The star of the new hit show on Comedy Central, Kroll Show, Nick Kroll sits down with Paul F. Tompkins for a new edition of Speakeasy by Made Man. In the interview, Kroll speaks out about his new show, the early days of his career, and the hate for Cavemen.

Above you can see Kroll and Tompkins play drinking games while the full interview can be found after the jump.

Continue reading

Video: A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown & Russel Brand on The Kathy Griffin Show

17 Feb

A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Russel Brand recently visited Kathy Griffin’s show to talk about their lyrics, molly and much more.  Check out the entertaining interview up above and check out another clip after the jump.  Continue reading