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Juicy J Presents: The “Bands A Make Her Dance” Online Video Game

27 Nov

I mean, the title says it all! If you’ve ever wanted to “Make it rain”, “Make it thunderstorm”, or see what, “Bandz really would make her do” this is definitely for you! Stop wasting your time on that Call of Duty game you bought a couple weeks ago and click here to play!

Kate Upton Outtakes From Terry Richardson

14 Oct

Happy Sunday Morning! While browsing through Terry Richardson’s Diary, I was able to check out some outtakes that he took for Kate Upton.  These were probably from Kate’s “Many Talents Video”. I’ll stop talking and let you hit the jump where you’ll find more of these pics and the “Many Talents of Kate Video” to refresh your mind!

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Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur

16 Jun

Happy Birthday to the late Tupac Shakur. He would have turned 41 today. I’m sure if he was still around, the hip-hop game would be totally very different. RIP Tupac Shakur.

Chicago NATO summit 2012. Military or no military? War or no war?

21 May


(The views and ideas expressed in the article below do not reflect those of, it’s affiliates, or any other authors. These are the opinions and views of one author and one author only)

   Ok so I’m a little, let’s just say, perplexed by the activities this weekend and today involving the NATO Summit. Although I can understand and appreciate where anti-war/world peace protestors are coming from, unfortunately I believe that we live in a world where war and militaries have become a necessity. As much as people don’t agree with war, what would our country be without a military to defend us? Become masters of practicing world peace? Continue reading

Word to Yo Motha! (Happy Mother’s Day)

13 May

On behalf of PursuitOfDopeness, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there. Check out this video that actually brought a tear to my eyes the first time it was shown to me by one of the contributors to PursuitOfDopeness. Enjoy it! It’s bound to make any thug get emotional.