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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: Test Drive

13 Mar

Pepsi MAX follows up their “Uncle Drew” series with Kyrie Irving with a new series titled “Test Drive” featuring NASCAR’s very own Jeff Gordon. Check out the clip above where Jeff takes a Chevy salesman on a test drive in a Camaro he will never forget.


Kyrie Irving in the Return of “Uncle Drew”

31 Oct

A few months back we showed you Kyrie Irving dressing up as “Uncle Drew” for a Pepsi MAX commercial. This time “Uncle Drew” brings out an old friend by the name of “Wes” (Kevin Love). The two of them went down to the local courts and put on a show for the crowd in attendance in a pickup game where their opponents didn’t know what they were in store for.

Kyrie Irving Dresses Up as “Uncle Drew” to Play Pickup Ball

21 May

In keeping with the new slogan of Pepsi MAX as “A zero calorie cola in disguise,” witness 2011 NBA rookie of the year Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers take to a pickup game in Bloomfield, New Jersey disguised as the elderly “Uncle Continue reading